Colorado Springs Veterinary Holistic Nutrition Advisor

Pet nutrition needs are not the same as ours, but many of us are clueless about what exactly they are.


Appropriate nutrition plays an important role in a long, healthy, life for your dog or cat. Wild About Wellness For Animals offers compassionate, qualified advice, based on years of experience.


You entrust the life of your pet to those who supply your pet’s food. Take the time to be certain that the food you buy or the person you obtain nutrition advice from is qualified and unbiased. Research shows that proper nutrition can increase the average life span of a dog up to two years.


Wild About Wellness For Animals can complement regular veterinary treatment with supportive nutrition.

Services Provided

Colorado Springs Animal Chiropractic Care
Animal Nutrition Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Animal Acupuncture
Herbal Medicine for Pets Colorado Springs
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