“It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Patton on behalf of 2 of my cats who have done very well from both Chiropractic and Laser treatment. One of the things that has been of benefit to the Kitty parents is the fact that Dr. Patton will work with you as best she can to accommodate your schedule. The cats love the fact that it’s like having a spa day at the house and they don’t have to ride in the car plus Dr. Patton is super gentle with them. Please feel free to ask Dr. Patton for our contact info if you would like to further discuss our experiences with her. We have seen quite an improvement with our fur kids and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”

Dakota Woods - Nutrition Client

“I would like to take a moment to tell about our success story. We got this cute puppy 5 years ago full of energy and life. Then when she was 2 years of age she diagnosed with seizures. The vet put her on some meds, she gained weight and wasn’t herself. The seizures still plagued her every couple of months even with the medication. We moved down to Peyton, Colorado last year. In September her meds was getting low, so went to visit Stephanie Patton, it was the best thing we did. She recommended that we put dog on a grain free diet and a series of herbs to stop the seizures. Since our September visit she has not had one seizure, she has not taken any anti-seizure drugs, and her energy level has gone up. We highly recommend Stephanie Patton as a vet as well as a herbalist.”
– Linda and Larry Woods


“Our miniature dachshund, Willie, was recently diagnosed with a calcified disc in his back. Dr. Patton recommended some laser acupuncture and it has made him feel so much better We highly recommend Wild About Wellness For Animals.”
– Shari Bosco


“My husband and I rescued our German Shepherd Rocco in August of 2013 at the age of seven years old. At that time we knew that he had moderate hip dysplasia and was covered with adenomas and sebaceous cysts. He has had a few surgeries to remove the growths and just when we thought things were looking up we found out that he had arthritis throughout his spine. Stephanie suggested acupuncture to ease his discomfort with the arthritis as well as to help with his hip dysplasia. Her home visits have made his weekly treatments easy to accomplish and she is so gentle and sweet with our big boy. We could not be happier with the treatment that Rocco is receiving and are hopeful that his quality of life will continue to be better with Stephanie in his corner.”
– Sandy Smith


“My gelding Gabe was displaying signs of having ulcers and I was worried about him. He’d act almost colicky at times, holding a hind leg up underneath his belly, looking around at his belly and generally anxious. I use him for reining and did not want to keep him in that discipline if he was going to be that uncomfortable. Then I heard about Standard Process’ new product for gastro-intestinal support. After having him on that those signs have pretty much gone away and he seems much more comfortable. I will definitely keep him on it as long as I’m showing him! ”

-Rachel Haberman

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